Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Action Plan

Emergency Action Plan

All businesses, big or small, need to have an emergency action plan. OSHA suggests that businesses should include employees in the planning process and choose one person to lead the emergency plan.

OSHA also recommends that employers provide training to employees so they know what to do during an emergency. They should know about the different types of emergencies and how to handle them.

That individual will have these responsibilities:

  1. Assessing the situation to determine whether there is an emergency requiring activation.
  2. Overseeing emergency procedures.
  3. Notifying and coordinating with outside emergency services.
  4. Directing shutdown of utilities or plant operations, if necessary.

Employees should understand these elements of an emergency action plan:

  1. Types of potential emergencies
  2. Reporting procedures
  3. Alarm systems
  4. Evacuation plans
  5. Shutdown procedures

Employees should also be familiar with hazards unique to your facility, including flammable materials, toxic chemicals, radioactive sources or water-reactive substances.

  1. Threats, hazards and protective actions.
  2. Notification, warning and communications procedures.
  3. Means for locating family members in an emergency.
  4. Emergency response procedures.
  5. Evacuation, shelter and accountability procedures.
  6. Location and use of common emergency equipment.
  7. Emergency shutdown procedures.

First-aid procedures should also be implemented so employees know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency.  Practice drills should also be put in place to ensure employees understand the emergency action plan and are prepared for a real emergency.

The plan should be reviewed by all employees and posted where everyone can see it. It’s important to keep this plan updated.

It’s also important to post security signs that provide instructions and broadcast safety policies to employees, as well as warn trespassers about the consequences of entering your property. Do what you can to prevent emergencies and keep everyone in your facility safe.

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