First Aid kits

Why should you have a First Aid Kit?

Why should you have a First Aid Kit? It is the Law! You need to make sure that you are following any sort of legal health and safety requirements. One of the important health and safety requirements for places of work is that there is the right sort of equipment to deal with any sort of accident that can happen. It doesn’t matter what size of a business you have, you must adhere to the law when health and safety is involved.

In order to follow the requirements, you must have a valid first aid kit that suits your workplace. There must also be  right number of people who can perform first aid and who are trained by a professional.

The first aid kit that you will need will vary depending on how many people you are protecting and what sort of business that you are running. However, there are some basic items that you’ll need to have to ensure that you are following the law.

Industrial first aid kits are available to purchase at Shasa Group and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You’ll also need to ensure that you restock your first aid kit when you have used certain items.

Before you purchase your first aid kit, make sure to sit down and try to establish the sort of things that you will need on top of the basic items.

For example:

  • A retail shop might need slightly different items than a factory with heavy machinery might need.
  • Kitchens also might require items that help burns or other kitchen accidents.

If you run a business or are in charge of looking after health and safety in one, make sure to invest in a first aid kit and keep it stocked up to stay in line with the law.